On this page I want to share with you stories that include trans men!
the url says manga since that's mainly what i've been focusing on,
but i will include other things like anime, movies, whatever i can find!

a lot of these include transphobic language to some degree,
i will try to warn for this the best i can and you can decide for yourself
whether you can engage with it

if you know of trans masculine people in stories that arent listed here,
feel free to leave a reccomendation in the comments!

Shimanami Tasogare

(Our Dreams at Dusk) Kamatani Yuhki, 2015-2018

Shimanami Tasogare is probably one of my favorite depictions of queer people i've seen. The author themself is asexual and x-gender, and their intimate knowledge of the subjects they write about is obvious.

The characters and stories told in this four volume manga cover a large breadth of queer experiences, all gentle but honest in a way in only a queer person could write.

Kamatani doesnt shy away from depicting the struggles of being a queer person in a cisheteronormative culture. But the pain is not the focus of the story. Shimanami Tasogare tells a story of community and self discovery, of love in all its forms.

Utsumi Natsuyoshi